Chris Natoli

Do higher Bitcoin transaction fees lead to higher volatility?

A basic regression analysis demonstrates positive, statistically significant correlation between Bitcoin transaction fees and volatility with non-negligible effect sizes. This suggests that adoption of SegWit and the Lightning Network should decrease volatility in BTC/USD price.

The Lebesgue integral and the anthropology of anarchist communities in upland Southeast Asia

An observation on the similarlity between the fundamental insight of the Lebesgue integral and the one successful mode of anthropologically studying non-state hill peoples in the highlands of Southeast Asia.

Bitcoin for mathematicians, part 4: The Bitcoin network

A brief classification of different nodes on the network, an explanation of how consensus rules can be changed and the kinds of blockchain forks that result, and a discussion of the origin of Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin for mathematicians, part 3: The blockchain

A description of the structure of blocks, the mining process, and how blocks are chained together, ending with an explanation of how the network and mining process solve the double-spending problem.

Bitcoin for mathematicians, part 2: Transactions

A review of key cryptographic ideas used in bitcoin transactions, followed by an explanation of the structure of a transaction and some thoughts on the existential, hermeneutical debate over the question What is a bitcoin?.

Bitcoin for mathematicians, part 1: Distilling the problem

Ruminations on the contrast between physical cash and pre-cryptocurrency electronic cash, the disadvantages of relying on trusted third parties, Satoshi’s motivations for inventing bitcoin, and his end goal.