Chris Natoli

Mathematical Reasoning Workshop

Hunter College, spring 2020, section 02

Policy during the coronavirus epidemic

Midterm: The midterm will now be take-home and open-book. You can use your notes, homework, worksheets, textbooks, calculators (not that calculators will be useful), etc. The midterm will be uploaded to this website on Thursday, March 19, at 12:01am. You will have all of Thursday to do the exam. You must email me scans or photos of your answers by 11:59pm on Thursday. You can either print out the midterm or write your answers on separate paper, as long as you label your answers with the problem numbers. Since it’s open-book, there won’t be a curve.

Lectures: The class will be asynchronous for the rest of the semester. I’ll record video lectures and post them on this website weekly on Wednesdays. I encourage you to do the worksheets while watching the lectures. There will be no live classes via Zoom, Blackboard, Discord, etc. Office hours are canceled, but you can still ask me questions over email.

Assignments (updated): The Worksheet Additional Problems and the Homework will be due every week on Wednesday at 11:59pm. You will have to scan or take photos of your answers and then submit them to me by email. You can do them on separate paper if that’s easier for you. Both the Worksheet Additional Problems and the Homework will now be graded as either complete or incomplete, rather than a numeric score. If you attempt all the problems, it will be marked complete and get full credit. I can’t give feedback on digitally submitted homework, so instead I’ll just post the homework solutions on this website on Thursdays. It is your responsibility to compare your work with the solutions to see what you got wrong and how your work differs from the standard way of writing proofs.

Final: If things don’t change by the end of the semester, the final exam will be a take-home, open-book exam.


Lectures and assignments

  1. from Jan. 29 lecture, due Feb. 5: worksheet & homework
  2. from Feb. 5 lecture, due Feb. 19: worksheet & homework
  3. from Feb. 19 lecture, due Feb. 26: worksheet & homework
  4. from Feb. 26 lecture, due Mar. 4: worksheet & homework
  5. from Mar. 4 lecture, due Mar. 11: worksheet & homework (homework solutions)
  6. Mar. 25 lecture, assignments due Apr. 7 at 11:59pm: worksheet & homework
    (note that due to the new recalibration period, there is no “class” on Apr. 1, but Tuesday, Apr. 7 is a cuny Wednesday)


The midterm was take-home and open-book on March 19; see above for more on the policy change. Here are review problems for the midterm and their solutions. Here are the midterm solutions.