Chris Natoli

Calculus with Analytic Geometry 1

Hunter College, fall 2020, sections 150.17 and 150.18



  1. Wed., Aug. 26: Introduction and Some Review
  2. Mon., Aug. 31: The Definition of Limits
  3. Wed., Sep. 2: Calculating Limits (sorry it’s long)
    problem set 1 due Sep. 9
  4. Wed., Sep. 9: Continuity
    problem set 2 due Sep. 16
  5. Mon., Sep. 14: Limits Involving Infinity
  6. Wed., Sep. 16: Derivatives and Rates of Change
    problem set 3 due Sep. 23
  7. Mon., Sep. 21: The Derivative as a Function
  8. Wed., Sep. 23: Basic Differentiation Formulas and the Product and Quotient Rules
    problem set 4 due Sep. 30
  9. Mon., Sep. 28: The Chain Rule
  10. Wed., Sep. 30: Implicit Differentiation
    problem set 5 due Oct. 7
  11. Mon., Oct. 5: Related Rates
    problem set 6 due Oct. 14
  12. Wed., Oct 7: Quiz 1
    No lecture, but here’s a short bonus video about police brutality in June in the South Bronx in lieu of a lecture.
    Extra credit: Watch the video and email me a one-sentence definition of “kettling” in your own words by Oct. 14. Worth 5% on Quiz 1.
  13. Wed., Oct. 14: Maximum and Minimum Values
    (we’re skipping §2.8 Linear Approximations and Differentials)
    problem set 7 due Oct. 21
  14. Mon., Oct.19: The Mean Value Theorem
  15. Wed., Oct. 21 Derivatives and the Shapes of Graphs
    problem set 8 due Oct. 29
  16. Mon., Oct 26 Curve Sketching


  1. quiz 1 info
  2. Quiz 2 will be on November 9. It covers lectures 10 through 16 (but not §2.8 Linear Approximations and Differentials). Like Quiz 1, you will have the entire day to do the quiz: it will be available at 12:01am on November 9 and must be submitted by 11:59pm that same day. There is no time limit, except that it is due at 11:59pm.

    Unlike Quiz 1, Quiz 2 will not be administered on Lumen. For this material, the work is much more important than the final answer, and there is less correlation between understanding the material and getting the right answer. So for Quiz 2, I will upload a pdf of the problems, and you will submit your quiz by emailing me scans (or photos) of your handwritten solutions with all your work shown (you can write your work and solutions on separate paper if you want).

    You are allowed to refer to your notes, the textbook, the video lectures, and past assignments during the exam. However, you cannot work with other students. You can use a four-function calculator or scientific calculator, but nothing more powerful than a scientific calculator.

    Here are some review problems. You should also consider the problem sets to be additional review problems.