Chris Natoli

Calculus with Analytic Geometry 1

Hunter College, fall 2020, sections 150.17 and 150.18



  1. Wed., Aug. 26: Introduction and Some Review
  2. Mon., Aug. 31: The Definition of Limits
  3. Wed., Sep. 2: Calculating Limits (sorry it’s long)
    problem set 1 due Sep. 9
  4. Wed., Sep. 9: Continuity
    problem set 2 due Sep. 16
  5. Mon., Sep. 14: Limits Involving Infinity
  6. Wed., Sep. 16: Derivatives and Rates of Change
    problem set 3 due Sep. 23

Online homework platform

Problem sets (and possibly also exams) will all be conducted through an online platform called Lumen OHM. You have to register for this course’s Lumen page here, which will cost $25. The course ID is 47980 and the enrollment key is “natoli_math150_fall2020”.

Note that the Practice with Lumen OHM assignemnt is optional, and it won’t count toward your grade. But if you haven’t used Lumen before, it’s recommended as a quick introduction to how the platform works, how to input your answers, etc. For example, x^3/4 will be interpreted as $\frac{x^3}{4}$ instead of $x^{3/4}$. To input $x^{3/4}$, you need to use either Lumen’s math editing system or parentheses: x^(3/4).

I set it up so that you are allowed to try each question three times without penalty. Furthermore, you are given three built-in LatePasses, which you can choose to use to extend the due date of a problem set part by 24 hours. If you have issues with the platform or questions about the homework in general, email me, rather than messaging me through Lumen.