Chris Natoli

Mathematical Reasoning Workshop

Hunter College, fall 2019, section 03




  1. from August 28 lecture
  2. from September 4 lecture
  3. from September 11 lecture
  4. from September 18 lecture
  5. from September 25 lecture
  6. from October 30 lecture
  7. from November 6 lecture
  8. from November 13 lecture
  9. from November 20 lecture


  1. due September 4
  2. due September 11
  3. due September 18
  4. due September 25
  5. due October 2
  6. due November 6
  7. due November 13 (note there is a typo: in problem 1.c, you want to show the function is even)
  8. due November 20
  9. due November 27

Extra credit

  1. cuny faculty are fighting for $7,000 per three-credit course for adjuncts. In this assignment, you’ll learn about the context of this struggle, who adjuncts are, and why we’re fighting. The assignment itself is just a Google Form with a few questions and a little research. It should take about 30–45 minutes, including a 14 minute introductory video. The extra credit is worth 10% on your midterm. It's due at 11:59pm on October 24.
  2. Look up Russell’s paradox in the textbook, Wikipedia, YouTube, or wherever. Email me one paragraph (no more!) explaining the paradox. Your explanation should include the following sentences:
    • Let $S$ be the set of all sets such that …
    • If $S\in S$, then …
    • If $S\notin S$, then …
    Fill in the blanks. If you're having trouble writing symbols like $\in$, you can just write “is an element of”. The extra credit is worth 10% on your final exam. It's due at 11:59pm on December 16.