Chris Natoli

Calculus with Analytic Geometry 1

Hunter College, fall 2020, sections 150.17 and 150.18

Homework amnesty: All problem sets, including old problem sets, are now effectively due on Dec. 16 at 11:59pm. This is implemented through Lumen LatePasses. You now have 100 LatePasses, and each LatePass extends an assignment deadline by at most 3000 hours (over four months). However, deadlines cannot be extended beyond Dec. 16, 11:59pm. Email me if you have any technical issues (e.g., if you accidentally opened an old assignment for practice, I have to manually allow you to redeem a LatePass for that assignment).



  1. Wed., Aug. 26: Introduction and Some Review
  2. Mon., Aug. 31: The Definition of Limits
  3. Wed., Sep. 2: Calculating Limits (sorry it’s long)
    problem set 1 due Sep. 9
  4. Wed., Sep. 9: Continuity
    problem set 2 due Sep. 16
  5. Mon., Sep. 14: Limits Involving Infinity
  6. Wed., Sep. 16: Derivatives and Rates of Change
    problem set 3 due Sep. 23
  7. Mon., Sep. 21: The Derivative as a Function
  8. Wed., Sep. 23: Basic Differentiation Formulas and the Product and Quotient Rules
    problem set 4 due Sep. 30
  9. Mon., Sep. 28: The Chain Rule
  10. Wed., Sep. 30: Implicit Differentiation
    problem set 5 due Oct. 7
  11. Mon., Oct. 5: Related Rates
    problem set 6 due Oct. 14
  12. Wed., Oct 7: Quiz 1
    old extra credit
  13. Wed., Oct. 14: Maximum and Minimum Values
    (we’re skipping §2.8 Linear Approximations and Differentials)
    problem set 7 due Oct. 21
  14. Mon., Oct.19: The Mean Value Theorem
  15. Wed., Oct. 21: Derivatives and the Shapes of Graphs
    problem set 8 due Oct. 29
  16. Mon., Oct 26: Curve Sketching
  17. Wed., Oct. 28: Optimization Problems
    problem set 9 due Nov. 4
  18. Mon., Nov. 2: Antiderivatives
  19. Wed., Nov 4: Areas and Distances
    problem set 10 due Nov. 11
  20. Mon., Nov. 9: Quiz 2
  21. Wed., Nov. 11: The Definite Integral
    problem set 11 due Nov. 18
  22. Mon., Nov. 16: Evaluating Definite Integrals
  23. Wed., Nov. 18: The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus
    problem set 12 due Nov. 25
  24. Mon., Nov. 23: The Substitution Rule
    problem set 13 due Dec. 2
  25. Mon., Nov. 30: Areas Between Curves
  26. Wed., Dec. 2: Volumes
    problem set 14 due Dec. 10 (Thursday, not Wednesday)
  27. Mon., Dec. 7: lecture on Volumes by Cylindrical Shells is cancelled
    (this material will not be on any exam)
  28. Wed., Dec. 9: Quiz 3
  29. Wed., Dec. 16: Final exam


  1. quiz 1 info
  2. quiz 2 info (solutions)
  3. quiz 3 info (solutions)
  4. Here is the pdf for the final exam.

    The final exam will be on Wednesday, December 16. It will be cumulative. Here are some review problems for the final. You should also consider all problem sets to be additional review problems.

    The final exam will be conducted like Quiz 2: I will upload a pdf of the problems at 12:01am the day of the exam, and you must submit your exam by 11:59pm the same day. You submit your exam by emailing me scans or photos of your handwritten solutions with all your work shown (you don’t have to write your work and solutions on the exam itself, if printing is a hassle). If you are writing your solutions on physical paper, please use the Genius Scan app (free on iOS and Android) to make a pdf to email me.

    You can refer to your notes, the textbook, the video lectures, and past assignments during the exam. However, you cannot work with other students. You can use a four-function calculator or scientific calculator, but nothing more powerful than a scientific calculator (e.g., no graphing calculators).

Extra credit

A collective of CUNY students and teachers called CUNY Struggle made a zine to contextualize the George Floyd protests with short excerpts from radical Black activists and writers. Choose up to three excerpts, and for each excerpt, email me your thoughts (one to two sentences per excerpt) on how the piece connects or doesn't connect to the present. Ideally, choose at least one from before 1960 and at least one from after. The extra credit is due on Friday, December 18, at 11:59pm.

For each excerpt you comment on, you will get 5% toward your Quiz 3 grade. E.g., if you only comment on one excerpt, you get 5%. If you comment on three excerpts (the maximum allowed for this extra credit), you get 15%. (Note that if your Quiz 3 grade is your lowest grade before applying the extra credit, then it will be dropped and extra credit will be applied to another quiz.)